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Our services include:

• Evaluation of Potential Mining Sites including conducting preliminary due diligence that includes Country Risk Assessment, Environmental impact, Sustainability and other Economic and Social factors.
• Identification of potential business opportunities and completing necessary formalities needed to acquire the mining concessions.
• Management of Concession Development and Drilling Operations to carry out Resource identification as per International Reporting Standards leading to comprehensive JORC (or any other CRIRSCO National Standard as relevant) compliant feasibility study.
• Development and management of Artisan and Small Scale ASM mining.
• Project Management to ensure Drilling / Mining Operations are carried out in line to International Regulations.
• Project Implementation and Operations Management.
• Structuring Logistics and Sale.


Setup operations

Refineries, like all other Precious Metal Supply chain components, must adhere to the standards outlined in the international regulations. Recognizing this, ACME provides world-class services as stated below :

During Implementation - Phase 1:

• Design & Engineering of World class state of the Art Refinery.
• Carrying out necessary feasibility studies that includes Country Risk Assessment and Evaluation, source of feedstock to Refinery, Plant sizing , logistics, security, offtake etc.
• Preparation of Internationally compliant Environmental Impact Assessment Report and CSR.
• Management of sourcing of Main Plant, Bought outs like chemicals, security appliances, consumables, etc.
• Construction Management of Main Plant and Infrastructure.
• Management of Plant Installation, supervision, testing, commissioning and training.

Post Implementation - Phase 2:

• Preparing SOP, codes and standards for ethical end-to-end operations including traceability of feedstock source complying to International Regulations in order to achieve International accreditation - its development, implementation, training.
• Supply of Trained Manpower for all aspects of operations, their training.
• Management and implementation of end-to-end Operations including storage and logistics of in-land export under complete insurance coverage.
• IT and software for gold sourcing - its set up, training and management.
• Vendor Development - Implementation and Management.
• Monitoring and management of security, IT, production, quality and production software.

Ensure Compliance (AML-CFT)

ACME helps clients manage a strong risk-based AML/CFT programme regarding suspicious transactions. Our robust management programme includes:

• Identifying and assessing money-laundering risk factors.
• Establishing a risk-based Customer Due Diligence and monitoring process.
• Establishing and implementing a robust framework for AML / CFT policies to mitigate any risks identified.
• Comprehensive record maintenance along with Identifying and reporting suspicious transactions.
• Obtain globally accepted accreditation.

We will help the Refinery conduct its day-to-day operations leading to International accreditations such as ISO, RJC etc .
The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to ensure that businesses all over the world operate in a sustainable manner while making sure human rights of individuals are preserved. Their guidelines are aimed to ensure that the corporate governance and sourcing of materials of all businesses that fall in the supply chain of the jewellery and watch industry are trustworthy and free of unethical practices.
The council was founded in 2005 with 14 member organisations (comprising of companies like ABN AMRO, World Jewellery Confederation, Signet Group and Tiffany & Co.) sharing the same vision for supply chain integrity and sustainability in the global jewellery and watch industry. RJC notable stakeholders include (but not limited to) London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labelling (ISEAL) Alliance, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), World Gold Council (WGC), Organization for Economic Eco-Operation and Development (OECD), The World Jewellery Confederation. Refer to website - link)


Backed by demonstrated experience and competence in Precious Metals business, we have the required team and infrastructure in place to ensure precious metals trading business is conducted in compliance to International Regulations.We offer consultancy and management services to AML Regulation Compliant Investors to conduct their businesses.

End-to-end Traceability for Sustainability

We realize that end-to-end traceability in the supply chain is of paramount importance to ensure adherence to international regulations governing - HSE, labour, human rights, AML/CFT, and anti-corruption.

Added benefits:

• Business Sustainability and Supply Assurance.
• Risk mitigation.
• Create trust and build reputation.
• Ensure Ethical Conduct of all stakeholders.
• Standardizing of operational policies and practices compliant to International Regulations.

Ensure Compliance (AML-CFT)

The high intrinsic value of precious metals with its steady or rising market worth make it vulnerable to money laundering risks and illicit trade.

Acknowledging this, ACME maintains a zero-tolerance in this aspect and will not conduct any business in violation of AML, FCPA and CTF nor represent such clients.

Hence, in order to comply with AML/CFT obligations, our screening procedures require:

• Definitive processes, policies, and internal controls.
• Know Your Customer (KYC) and Risk profiling.
• Carrying out EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence), if necessary.
• Independent Audit.
• Record Maintenance for a period of at least 5 years (or as stipulated by International regulatory requirements).