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Human rights are at the core of all aspects of our corporate activities viz. economic, social and environmental. Fair wages and labour rights affect the economic aspect, while equality and non-discrimination are relevant to the social aspect and access to clean drinking water and pollution-free air is part of the environmental aspect.

We recognize that as a responsible corporation, we have a significant role to play in upholding and respecting human rights in all our activities. This includes all our stakeholders, Investors, employees, customers, suppliers and the local community.

We conduct our activities in a socially responsible manner and implement a very comprehensive CSR program for all our Projects. We are dedicated to protecting human rights and are committed to equal opportunity and fair labour practices. We ensure that no activity directly or indirectly involves human rights violations or forced labour.

We understand the complexity of the matter in terms of ethical or discriminatory issues that arise at various levels of activity, hence never compromise our standards and always address any concerns with the highest priority.