ACME Value

With over two decades of proven International track record in the Power, Oil & Gas sectors along with about a decade of proven expertise in the Precious Metals Mining, Refining and Trade businesses, we are the right partners to successfully structure, implement and operate your businesses in efficient, sustainable, cost-effective and timely manner with an end-to-end approach to ensure your overall success.

Our "all-round" expertise and futuristic approach to businesses is key to our excellent track record and ability to successfully implement and manage what we do.

We recognise, identify, and mitigate early-on factors that impact operational challenges. We believe in proper planning of operational, financial and implementation approach to businesses which are conceptualized and brought forth after intrinsic studies, ground works and studies before bringing up for implementation. Thereby avoiding issues that cause financial and economic implications, factors that very often are the cause of disruptions in the entire chain of activities leading to failures.

Recognizing the need to be the link that will complete the chain successfully is at the core of what we do.

Our track record of providing prompt, effective and high-quality services is a proof of our commitment and capability to deliver exceeding our clients and Investors expectations.

We conduct businesses as per International Codes of Ethical conduct and Regulations.